Heavy Bag Black Fitness Class

Join our rockin' crew for a FREE, killer evening of punching, kicking, and sweating your way to the weekend! 

Burn over 500 calories in our exclusive Heavy Bag Black class! It combines the best of kickboxing, ab workouts, strenght training, and cardio into ONE bangin' workout!

Feel free to dress up, invite your friends, and get ready for a sick night! 

And in the words of RUN-DMC if you miss it, "You Be Illin!"

Event Details:
Friday, Nov 9th
6:30pm - 7:30pm
FTF® Charlotte - 9129 Monroe Rd suite 135
Wear comfortable attire (bonus points if its 80s/90s!)
We have water fountains and a snack machine on site!

No gear required. No experience required. Our friendly and helpful staff and students will help you out all along the way!

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