Hard Ready II is Coming Soon!

Hard Ready II is Coming Soon!

Hard Ready is BACK for another INCREDIBLE experience October 6th - 8th
(Hard Ready 1 is NOT a pre-req. This course is open to all!)

With 3 days, 8 instructors, and 16 hours of training, here's what you can expect:

  • You'll get the full ground game experience with our BJJ and wrestling instructors: Eli Knight, Andre Herbert, and Ronny Huitt. 
  • Your stand-up striking will sit any opponent down after instruction from Ajarn Buck and Ryan Hoover. 
  • You will feel right at home in the clinch when you get all the tips and tricks from Rashad Brown and Amber Staklinski 
  • Bring your firearms training to a new level and get exclusive access to a new firearms training program offered by Fit to Fight® with Todd Fossey. 

The Empire Strikes Back
The Dark Knight
Godfather Part II
Conan the Destroyer (just kidding)

Some sequels live up to the hype. This one will surpass it. 

Hard Ready II:  Ready is no longer relative

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