Active Killer Defense Training

 in Charlotte - FTF® Fitness and Self-Defense

Training to be held Saturday, July 15th from 9-3.  Register Here

*Six hours of instruction and practical application
*Two hours of instruction on armed response: Keynote presentation, how the gun works, how to stop the gun from working, life safety, geometry of fire and shooting positions, movement/ready positions, fundamentals (sight/target focus, trigger control, etc), training drills
*Two hours of instruction on unarmed response: Keynote presentation, warm up (functional for task at hand), combative training, pistol and rifle disarms, solo tackles, team tackles, training drills
*One hour of trauma care: stopping massive bleeding (care under fire and tactical field care), use of IFAK type medical kit, practical application
*One hour of “bringing it all together”: training drills designed to expose students to all elements of the training

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