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  • FREE Self-Defense Class for Kids

    FREE Self-Defense Class for Kids

    We know "back to school" means something different to every child. For many, instead of excitement for a new year and all the value it holds, there's a lot of anxiety and stress. Whatever your child is fighting: Bullies, ADHD, trouble fitting in, struggling to make friends, or even low confidence, that's where we hope to help. The bonds formed and lessons learned through Martial Arts make huge improvements in relationships and character at school, but also at home. Our Beyond Bullies back-to-school event is best for anyone looking to improve their child's confidence, self-discipline, ability to defend themselves, and fitness. If you feel these attributes are important for ....

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  • Summer Special!

    Summer Special!

    Looking for something to do instead of just sitting around home this summer? Come join us for fun group fitness classes as well as learning how to defend yourself! You can make new friends here that will help you accomplish whatever goals you may have. We have lots of classes! - Heavy Bag - Strength and conditioning - HIIT There's sure to be a class for everyone, of every age, body type and background! Don't just sit there, come join us for the summer at a great deal! We are offering 3 months at $99/mo. Don't wait to take full advantage of this deal, it ends on July 2nd! This summer special is exclusive for new members only. Call now to reserve your spot! ....

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  • Top 5 Incredible Benefits of Kickboxing

    Top 5 Incredible Benefits of Kickboxing

    has been a long time favorite for members in the Charlotte community . We know the incredible power of these classes, we see it ever day! Read some of the benefits below and then take advantage of our new 6 week trial special to come experience the transformative power for yourself! 1) FAST FAT BLAST -
    The punching, kicking, and movement involved in kickboxing are explosive cardio movements that create the perfect environment for meeting your weight loss goals in a healthy and fun way! Our finishing drills and class structure make it easy to learn a new skill and still 2) FULL BODY WORKOUT -
    Kicking, punching, slipping, ducking, and moving use core generated power that ....

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  • FREE MONTH For unpaid federal employees

    FREE MONTH For unpaid federal employees

    ATTENTION: Federal employees effected by the shutdown. Join us for a free month of classes! No commitment or experience necessary. ✔️ Stress Relieving ✔️ Fun ✔️ Instructor Led ✔️ Encouraging Environment ✔️ Supportive Family We understand this can be a stressful time and while a free month doesn't help you get your paycheck back, we can offer you some "normalcy" in your life as you to enjoy unlimited access to our fitness and self-defense classes. Please email Amber, for help getting started! ....

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  • Fit to Fight® FireARMED®

      Fit to Fight® FireARMED®
    Be armed, with knowledge.
    TheFit to Fight® FireARMED® program is a comprehensive look at fighting with a gun. Your self-defense skills as they've been developed without a weapon are an integral part to being able to access, retain, and utilize a firearm in a situation that requires deadly force. This class will cover the entireprocess of utilizing a firearm for self-defense. It includes the decision making process, understanding legalities of the use of deadly force, and the aftermath of how to handle the situationand law enforcement. The video here is a quick glimpse of what you can expect. This course ....

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  • Heavy Bag Black Fitness Class

    Join our rockin' crew for a FREE
    , killer evening of punching, kicking, and sweating your way to the weekend! Burn over 500 calories
    in our exclusive Heavy Bag Black class! It combines the best of kickboxing, ab workouts, strenght training, and cardio into ONE bangin' workout! Feel free to dress up, invite your friends, and get ready for a sick night! And in the words of RUN-DMC if you miss it, "You Be Illin!" Event Details:
    Friday, Nov 9th 6:30pm - 7:30pm FTF® Charlotte - 9129 Monroe Rd suite 135 Wear comfortable attire (bonus points if its 80s/90s!) We have water fountains and a snack machine on site! No gear required. No experience required. Our friendly and ....

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  • Self-Defense Start-Up Special!

    Self-Defense Start-Up Special!


    Our self-defense and fitness classes are the perfect option for those who want to learn how to defend themselves or are looking for a great workout...or both! They require NO EXPERIENCE
    and are beginner friendly. We offer classes in the morning, noon, and evening We are currently offering a start-up special to anyone 13+ who is interested in starting their self-defense and/or fitness journey! This 6 week program is designed to get you started in a safe and controlled environment that allows you to go at your own pace. You can expect increased confidence and improved strength, endurance, and overall fitness in just 6 weeks! Many people choose to ....

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  • Active Killer Defense Training in February

    Active Killer Defense Training in February

    FTF® Charlotte is looking forward to hosting the first Active Killer Defense Training session of the year on February 24th from 9 AM to 3 PM. This six-hour session covers Armed Response, Unarmed Response, and Trauma Care. What will you do if the unthinkable happens? You are the first responder. We show you how. Visit for more information. *Teachers, school administrators, and school staff can attend this training free of charge. Use code "akdcomp20" at check out and present school ID on the day of the training. Register Here ....

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  • Buck Grant Muay Thai and Shootboxing Seminar Scheduled!

    Join us for this fantastic training event with Buck Grant! Muay Thai kickboxing with Wrestling blended into one stellar mixed fighting art for self-defense and sports application. Spaces limited and registration required. Open to members and non-members . $49 ....

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  • 2018 Resolution Open House Events!

    2018 Resolution Open House Events!

    If you are bored with your current workout routine and LOVE the idea of learning a new skill while getting in GREAT shape, this is the event for you! Jan 13 and Jan 20 we are offering FREE classes and workshops all morning long. These sessions are open to ages 14+ and to people of all fitness and experience levels. Join us for classes, complimentary chair massage, refreshments, and more! FREE t-shirt to the first 15 guests to arrive. Register for Jan 13 Here Register for Jan 20 Here ....

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