Ryan Hoover

Chief Instructor

Ryan is Fit to Fight® co-founder & trainer of instructors in 8 different countries.

He is FTF® Chief Krav Maga instructor & has black belts in multiple systems. He has co-authored three books on Krav Maga. Ryan is a certified natural trainer and speed, agility and quickness trainer and is also the co-founder of the self protection program, Hard Ready.

Train With One of the Area's Most Sought After Trainers, Just Like:
  • Revolution actor, Tracy Spiridakos
  • Revolution actor, Daniella Alonso
  • Stuntwoman of the Year, Alicia Vela-Bailey
  • Carolina Panthers Head Coach, Ron Rivera
  • Chicago Bears Linebacker, James Anderson
  • Carolina Panthers defensive end, Charles Johnson
  • Carolina Panthers tight end, Greg Olsen
  • Carolina Panthers special teams captain, Jordan Senn
  • Carolina Panthers strength and conditioning coach, Joe Kenn
  • Golfers, rugby players, collegiate softball players, moms, dads, attorneys, doctors, business owners and more!

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